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The objective of post renovation cleaning is not just clean, but to feel happiness living within that environment.

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With our long years of experience, there are no doubts that we’re the top choice for post renovation cleaning and move in cleaning.

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We Have the Most Amazing Crews

We value our team so much as they as the real backbone of our successful journey of handling safe and efficient Post Renovation Cleaning and Move In Cleaning. 

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We Have Solid, Long and Extensive

With our long years of experience, there are no doubts that we’re the top choice for post renovation cleaning and move in cleaning.

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Our company operates with an aim of addressing client’s diverse needs. If they dream of Premium Post Renovation Cleaning/Move In Cleaning , We are here to fulfill these desires and turn them to reality.

Move In Cleaning

From RM999++
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  • 4-6 Well Trained Crews
  • Equipment & Chemical Provided
  • Details Cleaning Procedure
  • Completion within 24 Hours
  • Free Rearrange Furnitures (New)
  • 24 hours service guarantee


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Post Renovation Cleaning by Kleanhouz make it different

5 Reason, Why You’re Need to Hire Post Renovation Cleaning for better space and environment.

Post Renovation Cleaning

After hectic renovation and construction finished, your new house or office will leave behind with a lot of dust, musty smell and stains especially on window frame, tiles surface, toilet bowl and outdoor porch.  In order to solve this matter, the best way is to have post renovation cleaning services before it livable. Post renovation cleaning is the best one session cleaning to remove all the dirt and cluster in your home after the hectic constructions and repairing. Our post cleaning renovation will come to rescue and make your house cleaner, safe and comfortable to live in.

1. Decent Handling by Professional

All types of renovation have their set of cleaning difficult and levels depending on types of house and area affected by renovation. Different areas have different problem to handle it. It”s okay, for you to hire normal cleaner or maid cleaner to clean up your house after renovation. But the result will be completely different. Post renovation cleaning by professional will out there to help you to move into new home with level of expectation of enjoying a sparkling interior environment. Normally cleaner just do general cleaning, it is clean but it not good enough because renovation dirt are not easy to handle. For example, cement dirt on tiles surface. The normal cleaner just mop it but with post renovation cleaning, they will scrap out all the cement and put special chemical on it to remove it the people at post renovation cleaning will do more than necessary by meeting with the profound necessities in the process of post renovation cleaning.

2. Use conventional Equipment and Safer Chemical.

Renovation and construction have a lot of things happen such as installing new wall, painting inside of house. After renovation finished, it will leave out the house with a lot of dust and difficult problem clean it up. So it need to use proper tools/equipment and chemical to clean up it. Before we start Post renovation cleaning, the crew have lots to commence. With Full professional equipment and safe Chemical, the professional cleaner  will delivering high-grade of post renovation cleaning service with remove dirt of post renovation cleaning. High Pressure Water jet will make easy clean up hard dirt on porch surfaces. High pressure dry and wet vacuum can clean hidden dust and particles efficiently.  If your cleaner using wrong tools, they will risking to damage your house. Usually there will scratching on some surfaces especially on plastics surface or sink. If they use wrong chemicals, they will end up make more residual on surface and making it more difficult to clean it up.

3. Expert in deep cleaning

Post renovation cleaning team from Kleanhouz, Were fully experience regarding deep cleaning and making sure the enviroment feels a lot better and livable again. Post renovation cleaning team will clarify what they need to do in details and making sure that each and every inch get deep cleaning. We fully aware that each and every part should be deep cleaned because of the leftover dirt and dusty surface.

4. Curtail Time of Move in / Enter New House

Time frame of renovation and construction are long and sometimes it over the schedule. And some cases it can overlap to long. So by hire post renovation cleaner it have short time the post renovation cleaning. It put more pressure on customer if they want move in immediately. By hiring Post renovation cleaning, this problem can easily be solve. This is because post renovation cleaning have their standard operation procedure to handle these problems even though overlap with interior designer and contractor workload. Post renovation cleaning crew also understand very well to clean customer’s premises. So time span of post renovation cleaning will reduce efficiently and customer can quickly enter their new home.

5. To Prevent Back Pain Injury

Post renovation cleaning consume a lot of time and put a whole lot of pressure to people who need to clean up their place. To avoid any sudden injuries like back pain and so on, post renovation cleaning from kleanzhouse is the best choice for all who in need of help to clean up all the mess after the post renovation. Our company will help you to avoid any injuries and save up more time to make your house a better place to live in after the renovation.

What people say?

My new house has been empty for 13 years accumulating dust. Cleaning the house by ourselves would have been a nightmare! But the team managed to change the once dirty house to a clean home that we are excited to move into. Thank you guys! Great work, we are very satisfied. No fuss, well-equipped, very thorough cleaning job and worth every Ringgit spent.
Zafirah Adrus
It worth every penny!! 👍🏻 we are glad to engage kleanhouz services, the team did a superb job, it took 8 hours to clean the house. thank you guys, we will certainly recommend to our friends! 😊
Winnie Wong
Great job done by Kleanhouz team! The house vacant for a decade but after cleaning it looks brand new! The team really patient and took time to do detailed cleaning. They even didn't hesitate to come back to do touch up works. Thank you guys!
Thilakavathy Vasantan

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